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Our cumulative professional experience goes well over 60 years and we make sure we're still on top of the latest technology. Let's talk about infrastructure opportunities tailored to your needs.

Meet the operations team you can rely on

Jaromir Dvoracek

Infrastructure Systems Engineer
Project Manager

"I will make sure we build your infrastructure on time, while fulfilling all goals, expectations, and business requirements. I stay focused on business priorities while managing your projects, so that everyone involved is productive and satisfied."

+420 910 121 613

Ladislav Novak

Cloud/Linux Administrator
DevOp Engineer

"I am your specialist for Linux servers and cloud systems in the times you need one the most. I will prepare an entire infrastructure for your software with automation tools, oversee hundreds of servers' smooth operation, or carry out urgent adjustments."

+420 777 802 030

Ales Petrovicky

Infrastructure Architect
Security Specialist

"I am responsible for low-level optimizations and security, while keeping your system architecture highly available and resilient. I make sure all deployed systems are well-secured and attack-resistant, be it a cloud or on-premises installation."

+420 737 054 385

Martin Dvorak

CI/CD & K8s Expert
Elixir/Python Developer

"I am responsible for continuous integration and deployments. I take care of your developers in the process of applications kubernetization. I will guide your teams out of technical debts and help with the integration of legacy systems into new deployments."


Operating System

Linux is our passion, from low-level optimizations of the network stack to high-level cluster technology with microkernel images.


Red Hat
Enterprise Linux

We're coming from the Red Hat Linux camp with guaranteed stability and security, especially valued in government contracts.

image/svg+xmlThe CentOS Logo Vertical Version Takmento - Your Cloud & Linux Server Administrators


We know RHEL-compatible distributions inside out and automate all of our installations with Ansible.


Container Platform

We integrate OpenShift, and its advanced security policies in audited environments, especially for government projects.


Kubernetes Container Orchestration (K8s)

Well configured Kubernetes cluster enables you scalable development and production HA workflows. Orchestrated with Terraform.


We always create your Docker images in a repeatable and maintainable way, saving you many hours of development time weekly.

package manager

We use helm charts for packaging your applications and custom setups automatically and dependably.



We install every server, cluster node, VPS, and container with Ansible to keep your infrastructure scalable and future-proof.

CI/CD Pipeline

We design your Gitlab pipelines, including dependencies, Docker builds, tests, rollbacks, user rights and K8s Pod configurations.


Web Services

We architect AWS infrastructure where high availability without any outages is the top priority. Orchestrated by CF or Terraform.


Cloud Computing

Azure is a traditional, VPS-based approach to the cloud. We use Azure Automation or Terraform for orchestration and documentation.


PHP, Node.js, Elixir, Go, Java, Ruby, Python

We make sure that the application environment is secured, maintained, and scalable while keeping developers productive.

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We're available for new contracts. Feel free to introduce us to your challenge!↪ We always finish what we started.

Jaromir Dvoracek
Available from 9 am to 4 pm CET/CEST
E-mail: jaromir@takmento.com
GSM: ​+420 910 121 613
Skype↪: jaromirdvoracek

24/7 server monitoring and support

Based in the Czech Republic, operating remotely all over Europe. Managing cloud services, dedicated servers, on-premise clusters, and operating systems up to 24/7.

Nonstop hotline for SLA clients:

+420 910 120 471

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